Sunday, June 28, 2009

Infurium- In Darkness/2008 Demo Review

Infurium is a 1 man band hailing from Morristown, Tennessee, and I would describe their music as slow, melodic, epic and raw black metal. Drums are mostly slow throughout the cd. with not a lot of variety and occasionally they get fast, while the bass playing which was mixed low in this recording sounds real dark and depressing.

Guitars on this recording are mostly rhythms that sound very raw and primal sounding with alot of slow, melodic, dark depressing and some fast riffs that don't contain any commercial sounding material whatsoever, while the vocals are high pitched black metal screams.

My copy of this demo did not come with any lyrics but by looking at the song titles they seem to be about dark and depressing topics which seem to cover the haunting music on this c.d.. As for the production it sounds good for a demo and all of the instruments you can hear very well.

In my opinion this is a really good album and I can hear a lot of potential in the music and I only see the music getting better in the future. Best songs on this c.d are "Into The Night I Wander" and "We Lit The Fires". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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