Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thy Flesh Consumed-Pacified By Oceans Of Blood/CDN Records/2006 CD Review

Thy Flesh Consumed are a 5 piece band from Novia Scotia, Canada and I would describe their music as a mixture of war, black, death metal and grindcore.

Drums on this recording are fast with alot of blast beats mixed with some technical drumming, while the bass playing is all rthyms and follows the sounds coming out of the guitars and drums.

Guitars on this recording cover a variety of extreme metal styles and the riffs are mostly fast with some ocassional slow parts and some guitar leads.

Vocals on this cd are mostly death metal growls with some occasional high pitched screams which contain a little bit of a black metal influence, while the production on this recording which was recorded at a couple of diferent studios with the drums being at Archive mastering by J. LaPointe during August 2005, Guitars, Bass and Vocals at Cromagnon by Gord Ash during the months of December-2005 thru August 2006 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the instrumentd as well as the vocals.

Lyrics on this cd seem to cover alot of anti christian themsmixed with alot of philosphy and they seem to be intelligently written. In my opinion this band is really good for this style of music and would apeal to fans of all of the extreme metal genres, if promoted right they could be one of the biggest bands in the extreme metal scene, the potentainal is there and this band could tour with anybody from death, black or grindcore and win fans from all of the genres. Best tracks on this recording are "Slash Upon God's Throat" "The Archetype Of All Religions Defiled" "Forged In Torture" "Triumphant Flawless Crucifixion" and "Vengeful Symbiosis". HIGLY RECOMMENDED.

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