Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harvist Interview

OccultBlackMetalZine: Can you give us a brief history of the band!

Dusk: HARVIST came to be in the winter '95/'96, after I, Jeffrey "Dusk" Mhaghnuis left my main band at the time, DETHRONED. I had grown tired of working with others as far as getting things done in a stress free manner. When you work with others, you also have to work around their own schedules & indecisiveness. Around '95 I decided to learn guitar more seriously & work alone for a majority of this vision called Harvist.

OccultBlackMetalZine: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before!

Dusk: Utter & Total Shit! Harvist is an extension of my own personal pain & certain aspects of my own hatred & depravity. It is because of this that this entity can not be a beautiful one. I had utilized classical guitar & banjo on certain songs with the help of my comrade, Nechochwen. But every moment of beauty & tranquility had to be peppered with anguish & loathing. Just as life is. Every moment of joy bears a thousand new burdens.I've mixed elements of folk type music in as well here & there. Because the folk do suffer so in this worthless world. One must taste the dirt of their own disgusting existence to even listen to this music.

OccultBlackMetalZine: I have noticed you have went from a full line up to a solo project, what is the difference between a full band and solo!

Dusk: Well, Harvist was always just myself with me utilizing live members. I did a CD called "Lightning Storm In The Veins", which was actually 2 promos on 1 CD. The "Turmoil of The Seed" promo had one live line-up from 2002 on the recording & the "Lightning Storm In The Veins" promo had Madhr & Mathias on the recording doing guitars & vocals, which ended up turning into a live line-up for 2005. That release was very special for capturing a certain moment but the aura around the music is not as potent as I would have wished. So you can see, there is the difference. As a project like Harvist demands a certain continuity for it to work properly.

OccultBlackMetalZine: What are some releases you have put out out and what labels have they came out on!

Dusk: In 2000, "A Gleam In The Night" full-length CD came out through Dark Horizon Records.2005, "Lightning Storm In The Veins" full-length CD through Dark Horizon Records2007, "He Who Rises" 3 inch mini disc limited CD came out through God Is Myth Records2007, "Live In Appalachia" live CD came out through Stronghold Records2008, "Wolfskin Clad" full-length CD came out through Stronghold Records

OccultBlackMetalZine: When can we expect new material!Dusk: I am currently finishing up recording on seven compositions that will be entitled, "Anchoritic". This may or may not be exclusively a digital release. I have not decided at this point how it will see the light of day. I have two more songs that may come out on 7 inch vinyl. But after this I will be putting down Harvist for some time.

OccultBlackMetalZine: What roles National Socialism play in the music and life!

Dusk: It depends on the usage of the word really. If you are referring to National Socialism as far as a racist skinhead movement. They are a joke & don't deserve a serious response. If you are referring to National Socialism in an actual American (my nationality) pride way. I would say that this is something that is becoming quite dead. I see no wall street bankers hanging in the streets. I hear of no beheading of politicians. Look, your corporate CEOs still walk among us dining on the sweat of our labor. Americans, in a modern day stand point are worthless fucking fagot ass pussies. Getting fat on cornstarch & convenience. May the world crumble around our ears, for truly it is a humbling that we have demanded merely by our gluttonous actions alone. Truly, the great beast of Economical Prosperity has become this eons great Demiurge. For this & for the sake of all precious things, EVERYTHING MUST DIE!

OccultBlackMetalZine: What are some of your main influences music wise or non music wise!

Dusk: Music wise- classical music, neo-folk, dark ambient & various metal & punk. Non music, but rather lyrical- Stillness. Contemplation. Nature. Life. All forces above & below, the anti-cosmic & the light, the energies concerning all sacred angles.72 Djinn of the Goetia: What are you listening to nowadays and what what bands would you recommend!Dusk: I have been listening to the Nechochwen debut. The Angelrust "The Nightmare Unfolds" CD as well as their first 3 cds. Other than that, not much music. I've been reading alot.

OccultBlackMetalZine: How would you describe the progression in your music over the years!

Dusk: Well, with HARVIST, I have definitely just honed in on what I was doing on the first recordings from back in 1995. The new recording I used hand drums on a couple songs, which I never experimented with before. I also brought the feadog (Irish whistle) back on the new recording. I hadn't used it for any recordings since '97. The songs seem more focused, to me at least. I try to keep a vision pretty true to it's origins. I'm working on new material right now that, while it seems at some times, it could be HARVIST, most of the riffs do not bear any resemblance to Harvist, so this material will probably be released under a different moniker.

OccultBlackMetalZine: What are some good books or films that you would recommend!

Dusk: Films- "Zeitgeist" & the Addendum to it (if you're American, you HAVE to watch it!). Books- "The Lost Books Of The Bible"; "777" & "The Book Of The Law" from Crowley; "The Gospel According To Judas"; King Solomon's "Goetia"; "The Bible"; different gnostic texts, Fuck, it's too limitless to put here. Though the books are more of what I've been reading & not recommended. I understand most people can no longer keep there attention for this interview, let alone a chapter or two in a book. Let alone the whole book.

OccultBlackMetalZine: How would you describe the metal scene in West Virginia, what are some good bands from that area!

Dusk: HARVIST; NECHOCHWEN; ANGELRUST; BALOR; SAVNOCH! Nothing else matters in West Virginia as far as music, metal or otherwise.

OccultBlackMetalZine: Any final words!

A12. Eat Shit & Live!


Thanks for the interview!

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