Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kult Of Taurus Once Fallen/2009 Review

Kult Of Taurus Are a band from Greece that plays a raw and primitive form of black metal with alot of influences from the mid 80's to early 90's and this is a review of their 2009 album "Once Fallen".

Drums on this recording use alot of slow to mid paced beats with the ocassional blast beat, while the bass playing utilizes a dark tone throughout the album and it has a real dark sound.

Guitars on this album are mostly fast black metal rythyms that have alot of influences from the early masters, and there is not any guitar leads, while the vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams mixed in with some deeper vocals that have a thrash feel.

Production on this recording sounds very primitive and dark which suits the music perfectly, while the lyrics seem to be very hateful and depressing with some anti christian themes. In my opinion this is a good album from a good band and this seems to have more of a classic black metal feel instead of sounding trendy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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