Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exethersis-Cease And Repent Promo/2009 Review

Exetheris are a 1 man band from Greece that I would describe as Anti-Christian Satanic black metal in the classic Greek style and this is a review of their 2009 demo "Cease And Repent".

Drums are mostly fast with alot of blast beats and they slow down at times to give the music a darker edge, while the bass playing utilizes a dark and heavy tone that has a classic black/death feel that brings back memories of the early 90's before Norway took over.

Rhythym guitars are mostly fast riffs that contain alot of heaviness mixed with quite a bit of darkness and there are some slower riffs that gives the music alot more variety, and there are no leads on this recording.

Vocals sound very ritualistic and satanic with alot of deep death metal grows mixed with some high pitched black metal screams and at times the vocals utilize a raspy edge which keeps the music away from being one dimensional, as for the production on this demo the sound comes out very well and you can hear all of the musical instruments.

Lyrics on this album contain alot of anti christian/Catholism themes mixed with a very theistic form of Satan that would of made Anton LaVey die of a heart attack if he was still alive to hear this recording.

In my opinion this is a very good demo and it has an original sound that probably would not appeal to trendy black metal fans but I do feel fans of classic Satanic black metal would enjoy this release and this is probably some of the darkest black metal I have heard in years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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