Thursday, July 23, 2009

Southern Extremity/Hymns of Darkness And Hate/2009

Southern Extremity are a 3 man band hailing from Italy who plays an unique style of raw black metal and this is a review of their self released album "Hymns of Darkness And Hate".

Drums on this recording use a mixture of slow beats with some really fast blast beats, while the bass playing which is mixed low in the mix seem to be all rythym bass and and it has a sound which makes the guitars sound darker.

Guitars on this recording uses alot of different types of riffs, with some parts being really slow and it has a trippy distorted feel at times and alot of times there are some really fast black metal riffs that kind of have an early 90's underground death/thrash feel, however I did not hear any guitar leads.

Vocals are mostly raspy black metal screams with some ocassional clean singing, while the lyrics cover topics such as demons, armagadden and hate, as for the production on this cdrecoded on an 8 track in the drummers basement has a very raw feel and you can tell this band really knows how to work an 8 track recording and this album has a better sound than most releases that are recorded on that kind of equipment.

In my own personal opinion this is a really good album and I feel this band has plenty of potentainal and I am looking forward to hearing their progress over the next few years. Standout tracks include "Winter Requiems" and "Sign OF The Tmes". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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