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Nekrofrost Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

I started this all about 5 years ago Playing (or attempting to) raw,
fast, antichristian black metal.Basically making a pathetic mixture of early celtic frost, bathory, and
burzum. I never really gave anything much effort at the time. Everything was
done in one take with a tape recorder and later a four track. I was, for the most part, fueled by hatred for
anything i wanted to hate. I was trying to do anything i could to piss people off. I did, at one time have a live
line up, but that melted due to the fact that people are all dumb asses and no one can understand my visions.
There has been about 20 ex session members, But most of them i've never given any credit to on any archive do to the
fact that they never did anything. For a long time i disowned my early stuff because of how poor it was. But now i just
look at the early demos and such as a mirror into what Nekrofrost is now, and will be in the future.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you

Down Tempo, Atmospheric, Negative, Anti Cosmic Metal. Someone was
telling me the other day that i'm a mix between Burzum and later Bathory. I don't really see it. But i guess others do.

3. What releases have you put out so far?

About 10 demos, a couple splits, One of which i need to release soon. 2
full lengths, And about 4 compilations.

4. I know that certain band members have or had other projects, can you
tell us who they are?

The lineup has changed since you first sent me these questions. I
removed Bifrons, because i needed someone who could just drop whatever and do what needs to be done. Chris couldn't do that.
So I have brought back the first drummer,Nebel from Ravensbruck and Dor Daedeloth. He's allot less whimpy than
all the past members. I never really removed him from the lineup. He was busy with Dor Daedeloth for a long time, and i
brought in Bifrons. Well this all has changed. Nebel is back and Nekrofrost will become what it's supposed to become.
The live lineup consists of Punks. But there really is no Image to Nekrofrost, so its not like it matters.

5. I know the band started out as a national socailist band, does ns
still play a role in the music?

It didn't really start out as an NS band. Like i said above, i was doing
anything i could to offend people. Now i've matured very much and the Nazi thing came during a time when i
wasnt exactly sure what direction I wanted to move Nekrofrost in. I do share many beleifs with National Socialists, but I'm
not a racist, I am white, i'm proud to be white but i don't want that to infest my music anymore because it's simply a
small portion of who i am.

6. The past tracks I heard were instrumental what made you decide to
have vocals?

Those songs where not fit to have vocals. When i was in my studio doing
those songs, my original plan was to have vocals. However when i went to do them, there was no place for them. So i
decided to keep them instrumental. This was during the time when i was just switching from raw black metal recordings to
more polished songs. When i started doing vocals again, i was more experienced and i knew more of what i was doing.

7. What is the meaining behind the name Nekrofrost?

Being Frozen To Death. As you know, Nekrofrost started out as a
traditional raw black metal project. When i left that behind me, i considered changing the name. But i decided to keep it do
to the fact that i was finally getting attention that most band's were not getting. I didn't want to start over again. And
I still think that the name fits. People whodon't have any idea who i am will probably hear the name "Nekrofrost"
and immediatly think "black metal" however,if one is a follwer of my work then they should understand that it is
not black metal. I even removed black metal from the genres on the Myspace page. I now have it as "Metal/Ambient" theres
really nothing black about it. I think of black metal being bands like Marduk and Archgoat. I am nothing at all like these
bands. I consider my music to be far more Doom than Black. Not funeral doom, But during the recent recordings i was
listening to allot of Candlemass and Electric Wizard.

8. How would you describe your musical progress over the years?

I'm not Raw Black Metal Anymore. I still try to keep a raw edge to my
music (i.e. not polishing all the tracks) buti use far more professional equipment than i did when i first started.
There was a really akward era during the transition from Black Metal to Whatever you would refer to Nekrofrost as now. When
i first decided i was going to change my sound there where many really amature recordings. Because i was just an idiot
who was used to using minimalist recording equipment going into the higher quality stuff. I am just now getting to
the point where i know exactly what i'm doing. While most bands making similar music to mine have been doing this far
longer than I.

9. How would you describe the lyrical content for the music?

Sublimal, Negative, and Slightly Satanic.

10. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

Musically, Beherit is probably my biggest influence. Inquisition, and i
have a strange fixation with Celtic Frost's"monothiest" album. Non Musically, Negativity, Nightmares, And the non
realistic life i live.
oh and, DRUGS

11. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or
releases that you would recommend?

If i told you that i would have to kill you....haha. I have lost
interest in other black metal bands for the most part. Anyone that really knows me knows that i am the furthest thing from
black metal. I wear makeup, Not the corpse paint kind and i worship this band called the Guttersluts. I still love some extreme
metal bands though. I hate to sound emo or anything, but i am far too depressed to continue listening to the same shit the other guys are. If
i listened to nothing but music like Lifelover,i would saw my head off.

12. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in your music and life?

A good friend of mine turned me onto the Occult works of Micheal W. Ford
(Black Funeral) And a fellow band mate of mine from another Black Metal band i play guitar in has tought me allot of
stuff. And life is finally starting to make sense.I was an athiest my whole life, besides early childhood when i grew up
as a christian. I tried Paganism, LaVey satanism,pretty much every religion that in my eyes at the time didn't suck. And
nothing clicked. Orthodox Satanism Did. As i have mentioned. There are many subliminal messages in my music. Many of which
pay homage to Satan.

13. What are some good books or films that you would recommend?

I Am A B-Movie Horror FREAK! The time i don't spend recording or giving
my time to my girlfriend, i'm online trying to findthe most fucked up movies i can. Most modern horror films suck, well the
ones you hear about do. I grew up watching 80's slasher flicks. It wasn't until about a year ago that i got into
modern horror stuff. Mum & Dad, Nekromantik 1&2,30 Days Of Night, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, Clownhouse (that was 1989,
STILL GOOD!), i could go on forever really.
Lets see, books, Anything by Micheal W. Ford, Just finished Mein Kampf,
The Dirt (motley crue bibliography), The Heroin Diares,I'm not much of a book worm as i used to be. I'm far too busy fucking up
my health

14. What is your opinion on the black metal scene in the Rocky Mountain

I never really payed attention to it. As you probably know, Colorado has
the worst metal scene in the world. Fuck, i was at A Toxic Holocaust/Napalm Death show about 3 weeks ago, i was one of
maybe 3 guys who had long hair. I still need to check out allot of those bands you told me about. So far the only rocky mountain
Occult black metal band i've heard besides my own is Nightbringer.

15. Any final words?

Do Lots Of Drugs. Destroy Your Lives. And give me thou first born child.

16. Thanks for the interview

Not a problem, Good to see i'm not alone in this god awful state when it
comes to real music!

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  1. Great guitarist, used to jam with him.