Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Primordial/Imrama/Hammerheart Records/2001 CD Re-Issue Review

Primordial are a band from Ireleand that plays a very dark version of atmospheric Celtic/Pagan/Black Metal and this is a review of their 1995 album "Imrama" which was re-issued by Hammerheart Records during the year of 2001.

Drums range from slow to midpaced drumming with some ocassional fast playing and blast beats and on one song there is some tribal percussion being utilized, while the keyboards bring in a very dark and atmospheric sound to the music when they are utilized in addition the folk instruemnts bring a Celtic/Pagan feel to the music, as for the bass playing it has a very strong and powerful tone with dark riffs that dominate throughout the album.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, midpaced to fast epic dark/pagan/black metal riffing that has a doom metal feel at times with some melodies being used at times, while the lead guitars when they are utilized are very melodic and dark sounding guitar leads, as for the acoustic guitars when they are utilized they use full chords to bring a dark folk music feel to the music.

Vocals are a combination of high pitched black screams, clean singing vocals and some spoken word passages, as for the lyrics one song is written in Galliec with the most being written in English with themes that cover Celtic Paganism, dark themes and on one song they utile some poetry from Baudelaire, as for the production it has a very dark and heavy sound but you can still all of the musical instruments that are present onthis recording.

In my opinion this was a great album from Primordial and if you are a fan of this band, you probably already own this album. RECEMMONDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Infernal Summer" "The Fires" "Let The Sun Set On Life Forever" and "The Calling". RECEMMONDED BUY.

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