Monday, February 24, 2014

Harda Skit Interview

1. Can you give us an introduction to the duo, for people that will be hearing of you for the first time?

Basically the idea of a black metal project formed somewhere in the spring of 2008. I scribbled together some riffs back then, but the project didn't fully start until T. joined the band as a drummer in 2010. Since then we have released two EP's (the first one by ourselves and the second one through Art of Propaganda) but we haven't really had the time to do anything else besides that, since we both have also several other musical projects going on.

2. So far you have put out 2 ep's, how would you describe the musical direction both of them have taken and also how do they differ from each other?

The first EP, Helvetes Ild, was quite a straight forward black metal record with mostly fast tempo riffs and occasional atmospheric moments here and there. On the second EP, Ros Rus, we decided to take our music into more atmospheric direction but still keep the black metal edge to it. Songs are longer and more progressive compared to the first EP, with influences from several different music styles.

3. Both of the band members also have a background in death metal, are you more comfortable playing black metal with this project or do you prefer playing death metal?

We both listen to quite a broad range of music styles, maybe even mostly outside of metal. Therefore it is pretty hard to dictate which one we prefer, since we like playing any music in general.

4. The lyrics are written in Norwegian and the band is from Finland, why did you choose this language over your native language?

Originally the idea of using Norwegian for the lyrics was a way to pay tribute to the Norwegian black metal bands from the early 90's. Norwegian language also fits the music quite well, being grim and cryptic to understand when heard by a random listener.

5. The song lyrics cover Gloom, Satanism, Alcohol and Black Comedy, can you tell us a little bit more about what those mean to you and also how would you describe your views on Satanism?

I don't really think there are any directly satanic views in the lyrics. Although Satan is used as an entity in the lyrics, it still represents the fallen angel as a light bearer, symbolizing knowledge and enlightenment, as in Luciferian outlook. Alcohol in this case is considered as an igniter for a process to move towards the said enlightenment or towards the exact opposite of it, depending on the subject. Lyrical content not being humorous by any means, the black comedy aspect is still always there.

6. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Harda Skit'?

Basically the goal of the band was to play as hard shit as we can. No further mystique to it. We have recently discussed about doing the next release under a new name but there isn't any certainty about it yet.

7. Do you have any plans in the future to add more members?

We have been talking about putting together a live line-up for gigs but it isn't a current issue right now, since we have so many other projects going on. The band works well with just the two of us so it is unlikely that we'll take any more official members.

8. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black metal?

The feedback has been mostly good, especially for the newest release. Of course there are always some people who don't get it or label it as "untrue" or some shit like that, which is typical. But we've had some great reviews of Ros Rus so I guess we've done something right anyway.

9. What is going on with your death metal band these days?

We are currently recording the first full-length album for Coffincraft. That's why we have been keeping a little low profile for some time now. The process has been quite slow due to lack of scheduling and other urgencies. We are also doing pretty much everything ourselves this time so it takes time. Anyway, the album should be ready sometime this year.

10. Are there any plans for a full length album in the future and also what direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?

Yes, almost all the music has been composed for a full-length album now. Lyrics and some adaptations are still to be done. Recording starts when we find the time and money for it, maybe in next fall or winter. The new album will take an even more atmospheric approach on black metal and there's an even greater amount of influences from different genres. I always like to try new things in music and won't easily stick to what I've already done. So I guess you'd better have an open mind towards what's coming next.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

Personally I think that there is good music in every genre. You can find some inspirational stuff in the fields of folk, classical, jazz, rock, blues, metal or even pop music. I think we both just listen to whatever sounds good to us and ignore the rest. When it comes to Hårda Skit, the biggest influences I think come from the classic black metal bands, some post-rock and shoegaze bands, psychedelic and progressive rock, drone and downtempo, and sometimes from folk music. Surely you can't hear them all in the music, but they have definitely influenced the creating of it.

12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?

Movies, art, food, video games, tasting beers. To name a few of them. Basically anything that has something to do with culture.

13. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

Thank you for an interesting interview and I hope these answers shed some light on things! If anyone should be interested, you can check out both of our EP's at Bandcamp. Thanks!

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