Thursday, October 21, 2010

Krallice Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Krallice these days?
We just finished our third album, recording it a couple of weeks ago and it will probably be released in April of 2011 and we also just played a show in New York for the first time since May and then we went to Portland, Oregon for a fest called Fall Into Darkness and we played with a bunch of cool bands and we played with a band from Profound Lore called Worm Ouroboros and some northwestern bands, black metal bands like Souliism and Fauna which where worth checking out.

2. What can we expect the next release?
April 2011

3. What label will the new album be coming out on?
It will be coming out on Profound Lore the same label as the last 2, which is our home label.

4. Are you happy with the support that the label has given you so far?
Yeah definitely, it is a very good label and it is not like other American indie labels, they are not out to throw you on tour and take percentages from the merchandise and they are very good at getting the music out there and we have the same artistic vision with the label, and the label has bands like Ludrica, Aggaloch, Portal and Slough Feg, i has the best roster of any label.

5. What direction is the third album going into?
It is our most traditional metal record, there is going to be more of a focus on death metal and there is going to be more vocals and it is going to be less roomy and eerie than the previous 2, and musically it is being to be a bit less of the sound that was used a lot where we had 2 guitarists playing 2 different riffs and there is going to be a lot more composing of everybody playing the same riff and it is to have much more of a traditional metal feel to my ears.

6. Do you have any touring plans for the new album once it comes out?
No not right now, we are taking the rest of the year off, we just recorded our third album which is a milestone, we are not going to play any shows for the rest of the year, but it seems like we always do some live thing, tour each spring and summer since we have been a band so, I am sure something like that will materialize but that is not what we are thinking about right now.

7. What where some of your places to play at on the last couple of tours?
I always really liked Canada. Montreal and Toronto have always been great, we have been there twice on the tour and Richmond is also awesome, it always seems like there is a lot going on down there, we played with some local band there, Cleveland is another place I really like and then places like New York , Boston and Philly, those are pretty awesome to.

8. Your music has been labeled esoteric by some, how would you explain your vies on the esoteric side?
Well I think Esoteric from England is a fantastic band, Really I don't know I am not exactly sure what that term means esoteric in a dictionary sense meaning, it intends to be more understood by a small number of people, where all black metal and all metal, esoteric is not meant for general consumption, it is an expression of a certain specific set of things, I once read an interview with Eric Rutan of Hate Eternal where he said it is death metal but it brings different modes, it is not a lot to most. So in terms of esoteric it is some certain adjective for something progressive, as for our music I am not sure if I understand, I think we have our own sound.

9. How have metal fans worldwide react to your first 2 albums?
You would have to ask them but in general on the continents I think there is a very complex way of references, there are certain people that have dismissed it due to certain people that where involved, I have heard the terms indie black metal and post rock which are terms that I don't know the meaning of, we are black metal catering to death metal, we have a sound that has been described as depressive, we don't necessary have the European sound of melody like most black metal does, but for the people that have listened they said there is a whole lot of black metal and death metal some influences from some bands like Neurosis, I am certainly happy with their reaction.

10. Have you had any chances to tour Europe yet?
No, not yet?

11. I have read somewhere that the band members participate in many side projects, is that still going on these days?
Yes, our drummer is a professional drummer so he plays in a lot of interesting groups of bands for money and fun, we have another metal project for some stuff that I do, we have one member in a band called Gorguts which is a well known death metal band, which recently did a tour in Europe, which was their first tour in 11 years and they are working on their new album, most of our side projects right now are hibernating so, but I think all of them will do some stuff in the next year or so, but in terms of right now they are on hold

12. What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had a huge influence on your music?
We all like the Norwegian bands that everyone already knows like Immortal or early to mid term Gorgoroth, Ulver and their album Nattens Marginal early on, and some other influences such as Weakling and The Ukranian bands like Drudkh, Hate Forest, also some of the Russian bands like Forest, but we don't feel like we sound like any of those bands with our song structure, we also have some influences from death metal bands like the new album from Incantation, Outside of metal I listen to a fair amount of classical music where I can hear someone singing, for metal this has been one hell of a year with some really good new releases from Agalloch, Ludrica, Nightbringer, I keep up with all of the metal stuff that is coming out

13. What are some of your interests outside of music?
I am interested in visual work, I made the cover for the second album but I am not going to do the third, I am also interested in analog type of stuff

14. Do you have anything else to say before we close the interview?

15. Thanks for the interview?
Thank you.

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