Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sincera Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about this project for those that are not familiar with your band?
Sincera started up back in 2002 as a project with members from FESTER, Algol, Wither and Decipher. The thought was to make music a bit different than with our main bands. The sound is old school as us, and a mix of several styles

2. How would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the album?
The riffs are from slow to fast, the vocals are screamy, the drums are from blasts to slow..Most people who have heard SIncera finds it to be Black/Death. I think it has lots of elements from the Greece BM scene in the early 90's, but also elements from the swedish death scene, and mid 80's thrash scene.. As always, it's difficult to put your music in a booth, when your not trying to create a certain style..

3. What are some of the lyrical topics the band explores with the music?
The topics we write about evolves around subjects as witches, ancient warriors, anti christianity, winter/nature and the freedom of dying.. We are not bound in writing about certain themes or issues, so the themes are not carved in stone, but one cant write about flower picking when the riffs, vocals and drums burns like a flame !

4. You have a very original name for an underground metal band, where did you get the idea for the bands name?
He he, we where originally nameless for a long period. We just played harsh music for our own pleasure.. When we did our first show, we had to have a name, and used Evening..
As it was kind of dull, we took the name SIncera. It's a therm the the ancient Romans used for statues that where so perfect that they didn't need to be waxed. Without cracks: it was Sincera.

5. When I listened to the album, the first half of the album was studio material and the other half was live material and I noticed the live songs had more of a raw sound than the studio material, do you consider yourself's more of a live band than a studio band?
I think the live part on the album turned out just as raw and harsh that we hoped for. The sound is taped of a handheld camera to create that old school raw, and dirty feel. I think it represents us quit well. The studio sound could, and should have been a bit rawer, but then again, if we had done that , the live part would not have felt as raw as it does. I would agree with you that the incense of Sincera come forth better live than in studio,so :Yes.

6. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and what can we expect from your life performance?
Personally I loved a gig we did with Ragnarok and Drepjard, in Ragnaroks hometown in 2005 was great! Big crowd, the response was great, and the whole set just went like fire in dry grass. It was a blast !!! I think the show that some of the songs on the cd is taken from, a show with Witchhammer, also was great.. Though we had some issues with the sound, and a broken bass drum.. Ha ha..

7. Do you have any touring plans for the new release?
No one... We have other things that occupies our life's right now, so there will not be a tour supporting this release. That being said, we will continue to do shows in the future, and maybe we will support our next release with a tour? Only time will show.

8. How have metal fans reacted to your musical sound worldwide?
The response has been great so far, and we really apriciate it!SIncera has always been cept as a small secret though, so it will be cool to see what a bigger audience will say.

9. What can we expect on future releases?
Although you can hear some FESTER elements, Algol elements etc, I recon you can expect a more brutal and rawer kind of style. We will always walk the street to the old school though, and I think the street is called blackened Death metal with a twist(..)

10. What are some of the main inspirations for the music of the band?
SIncera's members has always made almost equally same amount of music that has been put into the band.. One can hear that the inspiration has a wide range, but I think a lot of the old black and death bands, as well as Kreator, Soilwork and Pestilence are great inspiration sources for our work

11. I have noticed the music sound is firmly rooted in the early 90's underground metal, what is your opinion on the more modern bands, I have noticed alot of older metal musicians are not really into the newer sounds that are coming out these days?
You know, do not ever teach an old dog to barf... Things were always better in the old days.. Ha ha.. I do not care if the band is new or old, but I can agree on the fact that the best music, in my ears, was made 20 years ago, and more.. But I find several bands in the scene today great as well. The problem is that there are just to many bands, to many releases, and so many bands looking and sounding just the same. I think it kills some of the foundation that this music has. But I love the new releases of Forgotten woods, The Konsortium and Dead To This World. And Ghost....

12. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
I hope people will check out our record "Cursed and proud", and also check out FESTER's comeback release later this year- " A celebration of death ". Play your music LOUD, and do not ever let anyone put you down!

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