Monday, April 28, 2014

The Nightstalker 2014 Interview

1.Can you give us an update with what is going on with both Sercati and the Nightstalker these days?
1. A lot of things. We have release our new albums with the both project and we start the promotion. I finish and release the second book about the story of the Nightstalker. I'm very happy. And one of our friend translate the book in english to export it. We finally find two news guitar players. Florian Hardy and Olivier Clément. Very nice guys and with us in the story of The Nightstalker. They are some friends and they already supported us before join the band.

2.Recently you have put out new albums with both projects, can you tell us a little bit more about the musical direction of the new recordings and also how do they differ from the stuff you have released in the past?
2. For the second album of Sercati, the most important thing was that there was only Yan and me for the recording. We worked together to find some new sound. We illustrated the fight of the nightstalker against the hound from hell. The track are more energic and epic. We worked in a very good collaboration between Yannick, Jonny Mazzeo (our session guitarist for this album) and me. We can feel it when we listen the track. The writing of the songs were more complete.
For the second album of The Nightstalker, i didn't know what would be the subject of the tracks. So, i finally choose the most important thing to do. Speak about the other character and what's happening in the city. So, i go deeper in the story and illustrate all the characters with some songs. The ambiance are different to correspond of the mind of the character that the nightstalker explains. It's how the nightstalker see them and the world around him, it's all the album like that. It's not a step in the story but an explanation of the context.

3.Can you tell us a little bit more about the lyrical concept of The Nightstalker with these 2 new albums and where it picks up from on the past albums?
3. For Sercati, at the end of the tales of the fallen, a new character comes and warn the nightstalker about a future struggle with him. It's the first real ennemi who Lucifer send to destroy him. It's a physical and mind fight between them. We follow all the doubt of The Nightstalker. It's the direct next part of the story.
For the Nightstalker, it's different. There is a lot of thing to tell about the other character and the universe, so it's more like a explicative album and a way to discover the context of the story and the future character that the Nightstalker will see in his adventure in Sercati and in the next album of The Nightstalker.

4.Are there any touring plans for Serecati with the new album and also will you also be bringing in more live songs from the solo project?
4. We have some live show in Belgium and yes we play two or three songs from The Nightstalker project
5.How do you feel black metal fans will react to the new albums that you have released and also have the reviews also been positive?
5. For Sercati, there is a lot of good feedback but for The Nightstalker i'ts different. The people like or don't like there is no equilibrium, it's yes or not. Sometimes it's difficult for the review.
6.Where do you see the concept of the Nightstalker picking up on future albums and also what musical direction can we expect from future albums?
6. I hope to write three books more and follow the story with Sercati. The other project, i think to give him some orginal stories, maybe, or continue to explore the other face of the story. We thought to tell the story of one cop of the Natural City police Departement.
7.Out of the 2 albums that you have released which one are you the most happy with?
7. The both, it's all my work. I'm very glad because some people believe in my work and my character, so i want to give him a lot of adventure.
8.Have you discovered any good music during the last year?
8. Sword at hymns. The single and the full album are very good. The new Heathen Foray too. I discover "Happy Days" too and Sombre Labyrinthe.
9.Are there any plans in the future do introduce any other concepts in your song writing besides the ones you already have written about?
9. Yes, we really thought to tell a parralel story. See the story behind other eyes. We have a character in the book. A cop, the Sergent Patrick Matennen. He don't know that there is some angels and demons in his city (and in the world). He follows the action but without the truth. I wrote the second book about his story.
10.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
10. Thanks to Occultblackmetalzine to support us. I invite all people to go on our facebook page's and support us. And we hope to continue the story.
Thanks to you for this opportunity. We are very glad of this. Have a nice day


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